Sept 29 2017 Weekly Update

In this episode I update y’all on some cool events and news going on in the comics and publishing industry including the Indie Author Fringe coming Oct. 14th as well as which books I might review and more. Plus, I finally drop the info and spill the beans on one of the new publications that I will be involved with, Comic Book Industry.

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My Rant About Censorship of Erotica

Today I rant about erotic art. If you know me, you know my strong dislike of censorship. In this, I hint at an issue being experienced by a fellow artist having their work restricted by a major retailer and also touch on my own censorship experiences with Pinterest.

Sept. 20th Weekly update!

In this episode, I update you all about how important it is to support the podcast by visiting talk about this week’s and next week’s guests on C U Next Tuesday and Weird Wednesday…and maybe I drop a surprise…maybe about me being in a video where something weird happens to me…maybe…