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MIKE GAGNON | PRESS OFFICE For immediate release: February 9th, 2017    MIKE GAGNON RELEASES “UNINVITED” ON VALENTINE’S DAY Something to get your


February Press Release


For immediate release: February 9th, 2017  


Something to get your teeth stuck in to!

Author and comic writer, Mike Gagnon, has unveiled his latest novel, Uninvited, set to launch on February 14th.

The vampire fiction story is Gagnon’s longest novel yet, and has already been tipped as potentially being his breakout hit.

Once again, Gagnon has drawn on his own life experiences, to tell a truly anti-Valentine story as opposed to a fluffy vampire romance. Uninvited is a story of life, and the process of moving on, following a mentally abusive relationship with a sociopath.

As with his previous work, this latest novel pushes the boundaries on genre rules, with the story exploring very real, and often dark aspects of life including mental health, emotional abuse, and living with drug and alcohol addictions.

The protagonist is tormented throughout these issues by the antagonist, a literal vampire, who continually tries to psychologically force them into being a willing, submissive victim. Gagnon bases the sociopathic antagonist on a real-life relationship experience.

Gagnon admits that he had to “dredge up many emotions” while writing the book, describing the process at times as “emotional torture”. Despite the sometimes exhausting writing process, Gagnon believes the book is necessary to empower those who have had a similar experience, and remind them that they can escape and move forward.

“While much of the book is fiction, it is loosely based on my own experiences of a previous relationship. This is why I was so motivated and compelled to write it”.

“I feel like there are a lot of people who can relate to my experiences, and this story will resonate with them, helping them to work through their own experiences. Essentially, the book allows the reader to examine their own questions, and leads them to the answers, as well as (hopefully) a better place than where they started” he added.

Gagnon’s other recent novel releases include ‘Skidsville’ and ‘Sex and the Circus’, but this is his first vampire fiction story.

“I have been a lifelong fan of vampire fiction” Gagnon says.

Uninvited will be released for digital download, rather appropriately, on Valentine’s Day (February 14th, 2017), but will also be available in hardcover and softcover format.

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Wattpad Wednesday – Uninvited – Chapters 1 to 5

All in one place, for your enjoyment, all 5 sample chapters of Uninvited!

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

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After seven wretched years of marriage, it almost took Darius everything he had, financially and psychologically, to finally be able to cut off Allison – his sociopath wife – from his life.
Now, three years later, things couldn’t be going any better for Darius. An accomplished author with multiple Hollywood adaptations of his books, his life is nothing like the drama it used to be before his divorce.
Yet, a simple Facebook friend request is enough to once again send him spiralling towards Allison. Has she really changed? Could it be that she’s left her sociopathic self behind and she’s become a better person?
Or is there an ulterior motive behind her reappearance in Darius’s life – something deeper, darker, more sinister than he could ever imagine? A secret that smacks of the blood-sucking, supernatural kind.
Mike Gagnon, recognized author of thrillers “Skidsville”, “The Island Of Dr. Morose”, and more, returns with another genre-bending book of unexpected approaches – one that you won’t be able to put down from the first page to the last!