Paper Walls


 Paper Walls is the first installment in a new series of books explaining not only the creative process, but also the business and publishing side of the industry as well. A great primer, Paper Walls is a motivational book explaining how the recent advancements in software, technology and business services have essentially removed the financial and technological barriers that once existed between aspiring artists and achieving a successful career in independent and self-published comics. The entire book is packed with info about how you can self-publish a professional book at low and even no cost. Beyond that, this series fills the gaps in the subjects that aren’t being taught to art students in schools, namely how to make a real living as a creative artist and get paid by managing your creative passion as a business. Author, comic creator and educator, Mike Gagnon uses his own firsthand experience with the publishing industry and working with students and graduates to create a comprehensive and indispensable collection of reference knowledge for any creative professional.

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