Charitable Fundraising


Have a community group or organization? Need an event to help your charity to help meet fundraising goals? Schools, libraries, charities and more are always looking for ways to supplement budgets or help meet existing fundraising initiatives for worthy causes,such as vital equipment or helping the less fortunate in their community.

I’d be happy to help your worthwhile event or organization meet its funding needs by holding a charity book signing at your event.

I can plan a signing that has little to no up front costs for your group, find a book in my catalog that aligns with your group, provide books, issue releases to the press in advance, and donate a portion of sales on signed books towards your fundraising goals!

I love helping worthwhile causes, supporting communities, and meeting fans while supporting important initiatives.

If you’d like to boost your fundraising with a book signing with me, author Mike Gagnon, send me a message at or visit the contact page, and tell me about your cause!