With Five Questions: More with Mike Gagnon, Author and Artist

This week I had the pleasure of catching up with Many at “With Five Questions” to talk about writing, hard life choices, clowns, gender roles and my book Sex and the Circus. Check it out below —


A follow up interview with writer, artist, and teacher Mike Gagnon, about his novella, Sex and the Circus.

Source: With Five Questions: More with Mike Gagnon, Author and Artist



Publishing a Book – Part two

All the characters in my book had the same names as my cousins. I have a lot of cousins. This was completely unintentional. When I write a story, it’s like watching a film, I see what is happening in my head and write it down. When a new character arrives, I pluck a name quickly […]


Publishing a Book – Part One

Hi, how was your week? I have been working hard on my book. Getting it published as been an unexpected journey, so I’ll share my experiences so far with you in case you ever decide to go the same route. The first (and most fun part) is writing the book. I love doing this, it […]