Interview with a Mormon

In this episode, I interview Cameron Kopaunik, devout Mormon, and Theoretical Physicist. I ask Cameron about the realities of being a member of the modern Mormon church. We talk about the myths and realities of Mormon life, like; do they really have multiple wives? Are they a sex cult? and much more.


Interview with Alyssa Martin, Mystic Coach

In this episode of Weird Wednesday, I interview Alyssa MArtin, Mystic Coach and extrasensory sensitive. We talk about psychic phenomenon, indigo children and details about myths and misconceptions of mystics.

Interview with an Astrologer

What are the differences between astrologists and psychics? How is an astrology reading different than a palm reading or tarot cards? In this episode, I interview an astrologer from India. We discuss his recent reading of my own charts and exactly how he says the star charts work and why astrology is not the same as psychic phenomena or other types of predictions.