6th and 7th Bestsellers


It’s true! My non-fiction philosophical/political projects have become bestsellers. My white paper, “A Letter to the Middle East” and my manifesto on modern societal corruption “The Illusion of Freedom” became my 6th and 7th bestsellers last week on back-to-back days! Continue reading “6th and 7th Bestsellers”


Sept 29 2017 Weekly Update

In this episode I update y’all on some cool events and news going on in the comics and publishing industry including the Indie Author Fringe coming Oct. 14th as well as which books I might review and more. Plus, I finally drop the info and spill the beans on one of the new publications that I will be involved with, Comic Book Industry.

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Sept. 20th Weekly update!

In this episode, I update you all about how important it is to support the podcast by visiting http://www.mikegagnon.ca talk about this week’s and next week’s guests on C U Next Tuesday and Weird Wednesday…and maybe I drop a surprise…maybe about me being in a video where something weird happens to me…maybe…