ROLL UP, ROLL UP. MIKE GAGNON UNVEILS LATEST BOOK – December 2016 Press Release – Sex and the Circus


Press Release

For immediate release: [Monday, Dec. 12th, 2016]scfinsmash



Distinguished Niagara Region author and comic writer, Mike Gagnon, has unveiled his latest novella, Sex and the Circus, hot on the heels of his crime novel, Skidsville.

Renowned for thinking outside the box, and adopting a unique writing style, this latest book is a story of self-motivation in pursuit of happiness and is the perfect gift this for the humor reader on your Christmas list.

Immersed in the crazy world of the circus, the book tells the story of Patty Jones, who finds it somewhat difficult to take a leap into the unknown when she meets a handsome lawyer who promises to change her destiny.

Reeling after her father’s death, Patty’s turbulent pursuit of happiness becomes a tale of self-motivation, carrying a strong message that one’s destiny really is a matter of positive mindset.

In what is something of a coming-of-age story, the book provides hope to anyone who has suffered unfortunate past experiences, seeking fulfillment and creating a life they deserve.

With a rather interesting and amusing cover, allusions are made to the other very famous book and TV series of the nineties, and although this is very much an original story, the course of love is not without its challenges.

The book comes hot on the heels of Mike’s recent crime novel, Skidsville.

In addition to writing, Mike is an instructor, helping to nurture talent among the next generation of artists and writers in a number of art organizations, and also at Toronto’s Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art, and Design.

Sex and the Circus is available to buy from all good book retailers, in both print and eBook format. The book is also available from Amazon

Impossible… — Cristian Mihai

I’ve got this stupid game on my cell phone I use to play when I’m extremely bored. Basically all you’ve got to do is destroy colored blocks. And you have to earn a certain number of points each 2 minute round. And it progressively gets more difficult. And sometimes I find myself in the situation […]

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What Inspires Me – Forever Yesterday

I’m a child of the 80’s, so it shouldn’t be any surprise that I will always have a soft spot in my heart for 80’s and 90’s comics. Yes, I know, 90’s comics especially were a mix of camp and flash, with maybe less than substantive stories wrapped in an embossed, holo-foil limited edition cover. At least that’s the perception in some circle.

But I don’t care what the opinion is in some circles. I love this stuff and it helped inspire the creative career I’ve enjoyed.

One of the series that inspires me as a kid, ignited my imagination and informed my creative mind was the original New Warriors series from 1990/91, written by Fabian Nicieza and others.

One of my favorite stories was “Forever Yesterday”, an arc that ran through New Warriors #11-13.

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