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After seven wretched years of marriage, it almost took Darius everything he had, financially and psychologically, to finally be able to cut off Allison – his sociopath wife – from his life.

Now, three years later, things couldn’t be going any better for Darius. An accomplished author with multiple Hollywood adaptations of his books, his life is nothing like the drama it used to be before his divorce.

Yet, a simple Facebook friend request is enough to once again send him spiraling towards Allison. Has she really changed? Could it be that she’s left her sociopathic self behind and she’s become a better person?

Or is there an ulterior motive behind her reappearance in Darius’s life – something deeper, darker, more sinister than he could ever imagine? A secret that smacks of the blood-sucking, supernatural kind.

Mike Gagnon, recognized author of thrillers “Skidsville”, “The Island Of Dr. Morose”, and more, returns with another genre-bending book of unexpected approaches – one that you won’t be able to put down from the first page to the last!

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Where are the limits of human arrogance in the quest for power? Have we misplaced our faith in science?

In a post-apocalyptic future, will our faith in technology be our savior, or will our arrogance be our downfall?

Take a Look into one possible, Not-too-distant, Painful Future In This Gripping Fiction Novel!

The colorful language and the vivid descriptions make this thought-provoking fiction book by acclaimed author and comic creator Mike Gagnon a powerful, involving literary work that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Wake up in an ominous future surrounded by bloodthirsty zombies, cruel creatures waiting to take a toll on the scientific “geniuses” who have used modern cybernetics to turn the undead into a race of slaves!

The Island Of Dr. Morose: Plunge Into A Genuine Fiction Read, A Thrilling Look Into Our High-Tech Future! The World of Zombies Will Never Look the Same!

While the world was recovering and rebuilding from the zombie apocalypse, one eccentric genius, Dr. Dieter Schmidt, was turning a Haitian island into a paradise for the wealthy and affluent.

Word eventually spread out to the civilized world that Schmidt had mastered the technology of cybernetic control of the undead, turning them into the servants and laborers that keep his island paradise running.

Now a team of journalists from Timely Magazine have come to the island to report on the amazing technological advances being made in the tropical paradise to the rest of the world. Unless…something goes wrong…





March 15, 2017: Author and Comic Writer, Mike Gagnon released his latest
novel ‘Uninvited’ on Amazon this Valentine’s day and the print edition of
the book sold out on Amazon’s Canadian site,, within hours of
its launch. However, the subject matter of the book may be controversial,
making it an adventurous reading choice.

Published by Hammer Books, ‘Uninvited’ is a psychological vampire thriller
and is building some early critical praise. The book has many
controversial topics related to modern relationships including mental
health, domestic violence, bondage, sex addiction and drug abuse and what
it is like for those who care for a loved one with these issues. Critical
speculation regarding the story being adapted for film began before the
books February 14th release.

“It’s a deeply personal project that I hope not only entertains but helps
people with real life issues,” said Gagnon. “I really felt that the story
would make a great short film while I was writing it, and if that helped
the message reach more people and get them through some very serious
issues, I’d be all for it.” Through social media and a weekly podcast, the
author has stated that he’s been pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed by
the positive response from readers and critics.

You can find Uninvited on Amazon in hardcover, softcover and ebook at: you can
read sample chapters and learn more about author Mike Gagnon at


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