Learn How to Make Comics from a Pro this May


Tuesday, April 26th, 2016, Niagara-on-the-Lake, – Sci-fi and pop culture fans are eagerly anticipating the arrival of May the 4th, universally recognized as “Star Wars Day” within the fandom community. This year comic geeks can include learning how to make their own comic books as part of the celebration with a new course starting May 4th at the Niagara Pumphouse Arts Centre in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

The course is taught by local author and illustrator Mike Gagnon. Gagnon is an experienced comic book professional who has worked for companies such Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Entertainment and teaches with recognized institutions such as Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art and Design in Toronto. Continue reading “Learn How to Make Comics from a Pro this May”

Friday the 13th Behance Portfolio Review

Major scoop for artists, horror fans, writers and more. This comic Friday, May 13th, 2016 I will be hosting a FREE art and writing portfolio review in St. Catharines, Ontario. Myself and other art and writing professionals will be there to give you FREE portfolio and work reviews. Lots of surprises and extras and maybe a new book release too! 😉

The event will be associated and affiliated with the Behance creative community portfolio review week going on Worldwide from May 9th-May 15th.

Keep an eye out for more details including times, venues and guests coming soon!

Private Lessons and Coaching Now Available!

How often do you get the chance to have a professional author and comic creator give you personal one-on-one coaching and instruction?

NOT VERY OFTEN, but right now is one of those opportunities!

For a very limited time you can get private one-on-one coaching, valuable for new writers and artists to develop their work and get it out there into the hands of readers.

Whether you want to write and create a professional novel, comic book or just learn how to self-publish your finished masterpiece, getting it into the hands of readers, I can help make that dream happen for you. Continue reading “Private Lessons and Coaching Now Available!”

Bittersweet farewell to another great bunch of students

Well another year has come and gone at Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art and Design, and with it I say goodbye and good luck to another group of talented young artists. This group of scalawags and ruffians to be more specific:


All joking aside, it’s always a privilege to see a group of young talent develop and grow as artists and as people. This group is no exception and I look forward to seeing the amazing work they will produce as they make the transition from students to colleagues. Continue reading “Bittersweet farewell to another great bunch of students”

A Day in the Life of Sequential Arts Teacher

– Mike Gagnon

When I tell people that I work in comics, most people respond with “Wow! That must be awesome!” (The few that don’t, ask if that is a financially viable career, to which I give varying answers, depending on my mood. They may get a middle finger in their face. I’m an emotional creature.) When I tell people that I also teach some of the basic and advanced work techniques of comic book creation, they will often ask, “What’s that like?” So I thought I’d take you through what my average Thursday is like.

4:00 AM – My alarm goes off. I grab myself by the hair and pull myself out of bed. When I hit the floor I spring up, alert and ready to go, excited for the day. I chop some vegetables, toss them in a frying pan with some olive oil and when they are sautéed I crack half a dozen eggs over them and scramble them up. I leave half for my roommate and fellow creative professional, who will not crawl out of his room for several more hours. I down a coffee or two while I eat, and grab a quick shower, dress and grab the messenger bag with my papers, attendance sheets and tablet.

5:00 – I step out the door and meet my cab, which takes me to my local GO Transit stop.

5:23 – I board the GO bus. I pull out my tablet and begin to read. My reading list varies. This week I felt like some fiction, so I load up George Orwell’s 1984, I classic that I’m embarrassed to say I never got around to reading before. Great book if you are looking for recommendations. Continue reading “A Day in the Life of Sequential Arts Teacher”