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My Illuminati Media promises to foster new creative talent


Illuminati Entertainment, a new web-based content company, has launched today. Offering an aggressive new approach to pop culture entertainment and education. The company promises it will do nothing short of revolutionizing the entertainment industry.

According to the company’s website, they intend to leverage trusted web systems such as Twitter, Patreon, YouTube and others to offer creators an incubator to test and develop new ideas, and fans the opportunity to sample a growing archive of content such as comics, animation, video games and more.

“The name is obviously a little tongue-in-cheek…” says CCO Mike Gagnon. “…but the whole idea is born of the fact that most content creators have gotten used to the idea of working in a system that takes advantage of them, in the hopes of success. I’d like to change that.”

The company works with experts from film, comics and toys, bringing years of experience to the table in order to support new creative talent and mentor them in successfully publishing their content.

“Entertainment has become rife with shady practices that take advantage of desperate artists, looking for a break and 360° deals that steal profits from talent.” Gagnon said in a recent interview. “We’ve invested research time and skills into developing a whole new system that respects artists and teaches them how to successfully publish their work. We never take any money from artist sales, in fact, we never have access to their funds, we don’t share user data and we don’t take away any rights to intellectual property.”

The company website boasts no term contracts for membership as well as a community where fans and creators can connect, learn and share. The company generates its income from membership fees, meaning that revenue made from the sales of comics, film, video games and other content are paid directly to the artists that create it.

The company offers a mix of free and premium content, so that interested fans can sample the entertainment being produced and make a conscious decision to support artists directly with their purchase decisions.

Creator members are able to submit content to Illuminati for consideration, with approved projects receiving support and promotion services. Submission guideline details can be found on the website. Creator members can also access a library of learning modules and tutorials for successful self-publishing and building a career.

“We don’t just say ‘Thanks, this is great!’, then publish something, keep most of the money and pay the talent pennies, like the major labels do,” Gagnon added. “We support and foster our members, teach them how to be successful and mentor them on the business of creating content. We provide our members with a set of tools that they can use over and over to build a successful career.”

Illuminati Entertainment is expected to launch a line of webcomics and novels this summer, with a line of video games and audio content such as music and podcasts soon to follow. The company is also currently building a web-based distribution network for film and animation as well as 3D-printed toys.

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