Three Bestsellers in Three Weeks

Yep, Three of my books have been bestsellers in the last three weeks. Don’t just take my word for it, here are some screenshots with the details:

Photo 2017-05-30, 11 44 12 PM

The Illustrated Story of Pirates – reprinted by Jack Lake Productions. I had the privilege of restoring the artwork and re-coloring this book.

Photo 2017-06-05, 4 37 52 PM

My zombie horror/sci-fi/satire mashup novel, The Island of Dr. Morose. Published by Hammer Books.

Photo 2017-06-12, 3 54 35 PM

My how-to self-publishing book, Paper Walls, a best-seller in all three categories!

Big thanks to everyone. I love my readers and fans. It’s an amazing honor to know that people out there are enjoying my work. I feel incredibly lucky. I don’t think I can say enough or find the words to explain my surprise and appreciation. Still in disbelief. Once I’ve processed this, I’ll figure out a way to celebrate and thank you all.


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