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November 2016 Press Release


Press Release

For immediate release: Nov. 29th 2016coverauthorshot



Author and comic writer, Mike Gagnon, has unveiled his latest novel, Skidsville.

Renowned for abandoning traditional story-telling formulas, Mike, who lives in the Niagara Region, has pushed the boundaries on genre rules once more, in what is a thrilling crime noir story.

Written from the perspective of a low-level criminal, readers follow the tale of Joey, a young man setting out to prove his father’s innocence after his mother’s murder.

With no “good guy”, the story focuses more on varying levels of criminals, concluding that even the protagonist may have to atone for his misdeeds, even if doing things with good intentions.

“I wanted to take a look from the point of view of a criminal. He may be a bad guy, but readers can empathize to a certain point that he is a bad guy for the right reasons” Mike said in a recent interview.

Drawing inspiration from some of the great urban areas of Ontario, Canada, Mike has described Skidsville as something of a “love letter” to the places he has lived. “When I originally started writing and conceiving the story, it was based in Owen Sound and a little bit from my time in the West end of Toronto. Skidsville is definitely my way of giving a nod to some of the cities that have dubious reputations at times, as well as examining morality and the idea of penance”.

Having had a love for comic books since he was five-years-old, Mike has gone on to write and illustrate for a number of renowned clients, including Marvel Comics and Dark Horse Entertainment. Having drawn inspiration from a wide pool of inspiration such as Frank Miller’s Sin City and Will Eisner’s The Spirit, Mike’s take on often heavy subject matter, even through humor, has received widespread acclaim.

In addition to writing, Mike is an instructor, helping to nurture talent among the next generation of artists and writers in a number of art organizations, and also at Toronto’s Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art and Design.

Skidsville is available to buy from all good book retailers, in both print and eBook format. The book is also available from Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Skidsville-Mike-Gagnon-ebook/dp/B00SEGWWX0.