What Inspires Me – Forever Yesterday

I’m a child of the 80’s, so it shouldn’t be any surprise that I will always have a soft spot in my heart for 80’s and 90’s comics. Yes, I know, 90’s comics especially were a mix of camp and flash, with maybe less than substantive stories wrapped in an embossed, holo-foil limited edition cover. At least that’s the perception in some circle.

But I don’t care what the opinion is in some circles. I love this stuff and it helped inspire the creative career I’ve enjoyed.

One of the series that inspires me as a kid, ignited my imagination and informed my creative mind was the original New Warriors series from 1990/91, written by Fabian Nicieza and others.

One of my favorite stories was “Forever Yesterday”, an arc that ran through New Warriors #11-13.

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If you don’t value your time, no one else will either

This is where we’re going to drop all niceties, false pre-tenses and notions. This is where we get serious. Don’t make excuses. Stop finding reasons not to finish the job. Stop using your own weaknesses or gaps in skills as an excuse not to draw your comic or write your book. Just because you don’t have the skills yet doesn’t mean you can’t work on your project while you’re learning. One of the best ways to learn is on-the-job experience and the same goes for drawing and writing and finishing your graphic novel. Don’t wait until you’re done reading this book to start it. Read this book as time allows, bit by bit or chapter by chapter, when you’re not busy making your comics. Put the work first. I will talk more about that later in the book, but in the meantime, let me enlighten you as to how you can make changes in your life to make completing your own comic, graphic novel or book possible. Continue reading “If you don’t value your time, no one else will either”

Support Artists With Your Wallet

Yesterday I conducted an experiment. I posted a twitter update that said something like “If everyone who could see this bought an eBook for $1.99, amazing things would happen.” You can find the actual post here for reference.

I did it to make a point.

Creators need to stop giving their work away for free. And “fans” need to stop EXPECTING it for free.

Time to check into the real financial economics of your fandom.

The truth is that many people who work in the creative arts don’t get paid that much. Small press and independent writers and artists can often make even less.

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