Maximum Effort – Or what I learned from Deadpool

I know, great, another fringe comic person or pundit getting attention for themselves, using the box office success of your favorite “Merc with a Mouth.”

Well maybe. Well maybe not exactly. deadpool-2-boyfriend-pic

Follow me kids and I’ll explain to you how you can draw a life lesson from the most unlikely of sources, Deadpool, and follow it to success. 


I’m not going into the specifics of the plot of the film itself and will only vaguely describe events if I deem them necessary to illustrate a point. In spite of that, if you haven’t seen the film you may trip over some minor spoilers. If you do, tough shit. No one made you read further and no one here is interested in hearing you whine about it. Take any snide comments over to your friends at your Minecraft or WOW message boards, I’m sure they’d love to hear them. That’s all for your PSA – Have a nice day now 🙂


Alright back and without further interruption, here is the point I am making about how you can learn from Deadpool and work toward success. 

Throughout the film, if you saw it, you may notice a little slogan that our anti-hero uses repeatedly, just before he crushes faces and puts bullets through bad guys in the name of money or love and revenge: Maximum Effort.

A little mantra that he repeats to himself. Whether you’re painting a picture, building a deck or turning a hired goon bent on your destruction into a Kitana Kebob, do it with Maximum Effort. 

It’s something I teach to my students and something I still need to remind myself about from time to time.

Maximum Effort. 

It’s simple straight-forward and to the point. It’s so important I want to tattoo it on my forearm…or maybe the meat of my butt, right next to the “Hello Kitty”.

When you put in Maximum Effort to the things that are important to you every day, relationships, work, leisure, you’ll find it’s much harder to find any regrets, regardless of the outcomes. 

When I think about the projects, relationships, situations I am most unhappy with or regret most, if I’m being honest, many of them did not get my Maximum Effort. (There are always exception, so don’t beat yourself up yet, I’ll circle back to this.)

Think about your own life, the things you tried, the projects that failed or the things you regret. Did they get your Maximum Effort? Did you try every possible way to get the best result for everyone involved? Did you try every option? Did you do the hard work? Or did you run into some struggle and resistance and go “Ah, never mind.”? Did you know when to quit or did you quit too soon? 

Even now, I’m lying in bed, sick as a dog, high on NyQuil (repeating the lines from the Dennis Leary bit in my head), but instead of sleeping I’m here writing this blog to share my thoughts with you, cuz I loves ya!

I’m one of those weirdos that don’t believe in regrets, but even so there is always something that can naggle at the back of your mind. I’m willing to bet if you’ve read this far, and you have your own regrets, and you’re being honest with yourself, some of those regrets didn’t get your Maximum Effort. 

In fact the movie version of Deadpool is a story of Maximum Effort. It was a film that no studio wanted to make. Experts from several film companies said “ah, R-Rated movies don’t have a big enough audience, they don’t make enough money so we’re not even going to try.” It took 5 years of pushing, of Maximum Effort, from actors, directors, fans and other creatives to convince Fox that this film should be made. That Maximum Effort carried through in the production and performances throughout the film, making it the success that no one believed it could be. If not for Maximum Effort, that film would not have been the success that it was and quickly carving out a place in my top 5 favorite comic adaptations to film. (Remind me to make that as a blog sometime, wouldja?)

Now I’m going to circle back to that point I made earlier, like I promised I would. Now sometimes, sometimes, even when you put your Maximum Effort in to a job, relationship, or activity, it just doesn’t work out. And that’s okay. Heck I have an ex, if I handed her over a unicorn with a magic horn that granted wishes, pissed marijuana and farted cash, it still wouldn’t be enough to help her.

Some people are just crooked or evil or immature or don’t care about anyone else or, like Francis, bent on their own destruction by making the world a badder place. Sometimes Maximum Effort just won’t be enough to overcome those people, but don’t be discouraged. If you really gave it your all and put in your Maximum Effort you won’t be discouraged, because you’ll know in your heart of hearts that you did all that you could and left all your cards on the table. You’ll be able to move on to the next project, person or hobby with no regret, possibly leaving those difficult people behind to stew in their own negativity, or be splattered on the faces of shocked witnesses by a loudmouth mercenary that wears a red and black mask because he looks like a testicle with teeth.

Follow that, and you’ll always be able to create, love and relax without regrets!

Anyway, it’s time for me to focus my Maximum Effort on getting well again and getting over this chest cold, so I can then refocus it on the people and things that I love. 

Mmmmm NyQuil



2 thoughts on “Maximum Effort – Or what I learned from Deadpool

  1. If you’re putting maximum effort into something, you haven’t found the smart way to do it. Effort is what people resort to when leverage escapes their notice. Like Bill Gates said, “I will always find a lazy person to do a difficult job. Because he will find an easy way to do it.”

    This is why action adventure movies crack me the hell up. The “hero” always resorts to using force to get his way, with massive collateral damage all around. Sadly, I guess he really does represent the people. You have to choose between efficiency and applause in this country.


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