Know When to say “Bye, Felicia!”

If I can stick with the apparent pop-culture themed advice columns, I will call upon the magic and wisdom of he who is known as Ice Cube.

If you want to be happy and successful in life and your career, you have got to know when to say “Bye, Felicia.”

Click the great and powerful ‘Cube’s image for a clip from “Friday” to provide some context


If you’re still not sure about the actual meaning of “Bye, Felicia”, I feel that I cannot explain the concept any better than our friends at Urban Dictionary  <- you should have clicked that link.

Anyway, now that you’ve been properly filled in, here’s how this concept applies to you and being happy with life.  Continue reading “Know When to say “Bye, Felicia!””


Dr. Morose now available on iTunes, Nook and more!



While the world was recovering and rebuilding from the zombie apocalypse, one eccentric genius, Dr. Dieter Schmidt, was turning a Haitian island into a paradise for the wealthy and affluent.

Word eventually spread out to the civilized world that Schmidt had mastered the technology of cybernetic control of the undead, turning them into the servants and labourers that keep his island paradise running.

Now a team of journalists from Timely Magazine have come to the island to report on the amazing technological advances being made in the tropical paradise to the rest of the world. Unless…something goes wrong…

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