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As an author, I’ve worked for publisher’s worldwide and of all sizes, including self-published books. To date, I have had 5 Amazon bestsellers, including 2 graphic novels, 2 horror novels, and my “how to self-publish” book, Paper Walls.

Graphic Novelist

I’ve spent nearly 30 years making comics, 20 years of those self-publishing and 10 of those working for professional publishers. I’ve worked for major brands like Classics Illustrated, Dark Horse Entertainment and even Marvel Comics! I work for a number of small press publishers as well and vary my skills because I like to stay busy. For various clients, I write scripts, for others I pencil or ink, and for others, I colour¬†or letter. Two of the graphic novels I’ve worked on for Classics Illustrated publisher, Jack Lake Productions, have been Amazon Bestsellers.


I love to teach. Whether it is with one of the prestigious colleges or art schools that I work with, a seminar or workshop, or as a guest speaker, I have a real passion for educating new and burgeoning creatives. I love to help people make the best of their talents and turn them into a career. My how-to book Paper Walls, which¬†teaches you to self-publish on any budget, was an Amazon bestseller for over 7 weeks. If you’d like to talk to me about a public speaking engagement, workshop or educational course, feel free to contact me here.


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