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Well hello! Thanks for stopping by! In case you are wondering, I’m a bestselling author and graphic novelist. My name is Mike Gagnon. I love writing stories and creating art. Sometimes I work for as a freelancer for publishers, sometimes I teach with established art schools, the rest of the time I work on my own creator-owned books, comics, and other entertainment. Every once in awhile you may see me acting on a TV show. Questions? Feel free to contact me here.

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The new Mason: Sweet Sacrilege 15th Anniversary Special Edition is out now! The first time this story has ever been published in full color! Lots of bonus material too! You can get it here!

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A love experimenting with new styles, formats, software etc. These are some work in progress pages from a manga story I’m working on called Deep Rest. Having fun with experimenting with form and use of color as a part of story element. For details and progress info, keep an eye on my Twitter feed!


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